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Who hasn't overheard a twit on a cell phone, talking loudly about one inanity or another? Or just missed getting side swiped by someone gabbing on a phone while driving? Or found someone chatting away in the restroom at work?

We've all complained enough about the jerks whose cell phones ring during a movie and at concerts. Now it's time to take action, and communications and etiquette expert Barbara Pachter offers just what we all need : A Survival Guide for the Rest of Us.

Pachter offers the funniest ways to deal with all the jerks out there without becoming one yourself. Included are the world's most unbelievable but true cell phone horror stories, hilarious revenge stories, ways to jerk-proof your own cell phone use, and cartoons highlighting just how brainless we've all become about the technology we love to hate.

This very funny and very useful guide will help to channel the rage we all feel toward the jerk on the cell phone and show the rest of us how to stop the madness and reclaim some peace and quiet.

By : Barbara Pachter & Susan Magee

ISBN : 1569244049

Publisher : Marlowe & Company

Format : Paperback, 180 pages

Product Dimensions : 12.8 x 17.9 x 1.5 cm

Book Condition : Superclean cover & contents.

List Price : USD 9.95

Our Price : RM 7